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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Website and Blog COMING SOON!

I will be maintaining this Blog & Portfolio until the new site is tested and published. This BLOG was originally just meant to be a personal repository of  3d Visualization, Graphics and Technology topics. It has been my personal online repository for information that I have found on the web and wish to save for fast, future reference. I copy the information in the event that it may not be available in the future and I always provide the original links and authors.

With the launch of my new site, I also plan to expand this BLOG with tutorials and reviews soon. 

How to Use Different Signatures in Gmail

Most of us use only one mail account for various purposes. And we often need different signatures based on the mail context. Sadly, Gmail offers only single signature for all types of mails. However, we can use canned responses to create different signatures in Gmail .
different signatures in gmail
Canned responses are the email templates that we can use multiple times. We will use this idea to create multiple signatures as different canned responses that can be inserted anytime with ease.

Multiple Canned Responses for Different Signatures:

First, we need to enable Canned Response feature from Labs in Google Settings. Go to Gmail Settings > Labs > Enable Canned Responses > Save.
Now, compose a new mail enter the signature you want to have. From the bottom right options menu and chose Canned Responses. Click on ‘new canned response’ to save it. Give it a name so you can access it later. We can discard this new email but your signature will be saved as a canned response on the name that you gave. Repeat these steps – Create signature > Save as new canned response > discard the email.
That’s all! You have created multiple Gmail signatures.
Now whenever you want to use a different signature, just insert the saved canned response before drafting your mail.
Bonus: This technique also solves the three dot problem of Gmail hiding signatures from mail content.
Whenever you save a new canned response, it will save whatever you have written in the mail body. While saving a different signature, remember to remove previous signature or any other content in the mail.
Canned responses are not the most optimum way for handling different signatures. There is still lot of manual work involved and you cannot have rule based signatures i.e. one signature for replying, another one for forwarding and another when composing. But this is the most practical way without any extensions or third party softwares.
You can WiseStamp or AutoHotkey for automation and switching signatures in the fly. For AutoHotkey script, follow instructions here. WiseStamp is easy to use but are you ready to give access to your mailbox?

Original Article Link:  Abhishek Mandloi
How to Use Different Signatures in Gmail